Also, Film Editor, Cinematographer, Photographer.


















A great neumonic number to help one remember these Three Equatorial Continental Combinations is the number... 444 -- as is illustrated above. These are based on three 90 degree rotations at the equator!


table width="100%">


table width="100%">


table width="100%">



















As of August, 2019 nine states β€” Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi β€” use a combination of paper ballots and electronic machines without a paper trail, per Verified Voting. Other states that have been recently reported as not using paper trail voting are: Delaware, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana -- mostly republiCON states by far!








Above, Presidential Elections 1789-2012


Top left: projections of the presidential Electoral College races just before the 2016 election; top right: swing states just before the 2016 presidential election; bottom left: final results of the Electoral College presidential election of 2016; bottom right: final results of the House races in 2018.





Saturday, June 13, 2019




Above: Firey Cross Reef of the S. W. Spratly Islands now has a 10,000 foot runway! That's around 2 miles long -- long enough that our US Air Force One presidential plane -- could land and take off thereon!








Operation Fitmust (6' @ 187 lbs. = lost 8): Sun 7-14-19 Stretched, FastWalked 2 laps inner/outside path @ 25:31 (<1.75 miles), Stretched, + Food/Drink previous week: Water, Rasberries, big Blue Berries, Strawberries, Apricots, Pears, Peaches, Mixed Vegies, Potato Salad, Cucumbers, Green Pepper, Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Oranges, Bananas, Sardines in Water, Barley Beef Soup, Ham & Bean Soup, Fig bars, small Tootsie Rolls, Squash Pie, Pecan Pie, McDonalds Apple Pie, more Water, Cran-Rasberry Juice, Orange Juice, NO Soda! Sat. 7-20-19 Fast Walked Outer Street Sidewalk Rectangle in 17:45 @ 1.1 mile odometer = 1+? mile.


Operation GetStronger: Monday, July 29, 2019 This morning at the Health Club after 8 good stretches, I fast-walked on the treadmill 2 miles in 32 minutes! I burned an average of 100 calories per mile and my heart beat range was between 95 to 110 beats per minute. Then did 8 good stretches, again, afterwards. I swam 1/4 KM (250m) in 10 minutes @ 10 laps (L) [25m each] @ 2L freestyle; 2L backstroke; 2L breaststroke; 2L back frogstroke; 2L side stroke, one left, one right. Weight lifting: horizontal backlift x 15; shoulder pull down 55 lbs x 15; sitting horizontal pull @ 55 lbs x 15; situps on bench x 20; vertical hand/toe arms/up extensions x 20. I Weigh 188, ouch! But at least during the past week I ate very little meat, with mixed vegies and fruit daily. I hope to live to be a hundred! (Saw on Youtube today, that a 90 year old man broke the world record in the mile at around 10 minutes; and another man broke the world record in he mile for a 95 year old at around 15 minutes. I've got a lot of fast-walking to do in the next 24 years! [I'm also a "Walking Jacker": (Think jumping jacks without the jumping -- but, while walking, instead. To enable you to do them non-stop without becoming too fatiqued -- here is a great trick: when bringing your arms down, let the gravitational momentum swing both arms forward, and then, when they swing back towards the rear, circle both arms back and outward as you form a complete circle with both arms at your waist. Then, as the momentum of both arms swing from the outside-front to the inside at your waist -- use that momentum to bring both arms back up and touch above your head at the tippy top to complete your poetic "WALKING JACK"!) While doing your daily 1 to 5 mile walk, why not exercise your arms, shoulder and back muscles at the same time! To just let your arms hang loose while walking, is what 98% of the human sheep do! Wake up -- and do hundreds of "walking jacks", also! Get this regimen down and, perhaps, I'll even use you as an extra in my future motion picture called: "Chief Walking Jack"! Amen and Awomen!]......

Tuesday am 8-13-19 Fast-walked outer loop in 25:31. Earlier, drove to Home Depot and modified my bed with a ridge down the center-length so that when I park on a lateral incline when I go camping, or return to Yosmite, or the Grand Canyon -- it will be real easy for me to adjust the bed to remain level. (Thanks to my Guardian Angel, Leonardo DaVinci, for revealing this solution unto me!)

Saturday, August 24, 2019 walked 4 miles on Holywould Blvd. from Vine to Orange and back in Holywould CA. I picked up or repositioned about a third of the scooters (40/120) that were tipped over on the sidewalk, lying in the parking gutters, or blocking the sidewalk or crosswalk. I've never seen anyone else provide this "doing a good deed daily" task! Maybe I am not only a great genius, but also a great 'DoGooder'!



Plus, WATER & POWER SYSTEMS: (these include even the polluted water pipes of Flynt, Michigan, and the fires allegedly started by electric power lines in northern California in 2018!) The growth of PRIVATE FOR-PROFIT PRISONS in the US is an accurate example of US CAPITALISM trying to jerk the PRISON SYSTEM away from the current predominant US SOCIALIST NON-PROFIT PRISON system! Furthermore, the US CIVIL WAR could easily be viewed as a war of US CAPITALISM (SLAVERY IN THE southern COTTON, ETC. INDUSTRY) against US SOCIALISM (the US ARMY OF THE NORTHERN STATES UNDER PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN!) The current $1.5-Trillion COLLEGE STUDENT LOAN DEBT is a great example of GOVERNMENT succeeding at making education a CAPITALISTIC FOR-PROFIT enterprise -- when the Bernie Sanders/ Elizabeth Warren, et al, proposal of DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTIC FREE NON-PROFIT COLLEGE TUITION would be a much more democratic solution!





















Above, the real "Con Don" -- the surreal "Adolf Benito trumped Trump"! (Be sure to watch my Youtube spot, "trumping Trump trumped by Art Earthmann".[Remember: "My code name is 'Knot Bald Eagle, and I approve this propaganda (I mean message)'!"]

















































Above: PANGAEA, the Greek word meaning "All Land" -- because all of the 7 continents were united and formed one Supercontinent, as theorized in 1912+ by the German Geophysisist, Alfred Wegener. Then, 2+00 million years ago, all of the continents began to drift apart at the rate of around one inch per year, or, the speed a fingernail grows! But, the question has remained: Why did North and South America drift as far as they did from Europe and Africa? They could have drifted more; they could have drifted less. Watch my new docudrama, THE PLANET HEAVEN by Art Earthmann, on YouTube, to find out why!




Helix Eye of God Nebula


 Medicare For All Children From Conception to Age 5; and parents to 5 years after birth.



TRUE FACT NEWS update: # given to each article is approximate -- with NUMBERS-ONLY insert-listings revised monthly.Those entries that have a LETTER to the right of a NUMBER are those entries that have been added since the previous thorough,complete, numbers-only numbering!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: # given to each article is approximate -- with updates weekly/monthly, etc.



FACT NEWS UPDATE: You may have to enter the whole Youtube Access Title with some of these videos above. I have also typed the time-length more precisely: trumping Trump trumped by Art Earthmann (1:2+1); trumping Trump by ProphetOfGodDotOrg (1:14); JFK Coup Doubles by Art Earthmann (2+:00); JFK Coup by Art Earthmann (45:2+6) [The formal title of this Documentary is: JFK.... an American Coup d'Etat by Art Earthmann.] It is now in production to become a DocuDrama with a length of 2+ to 3 hours and will cover the newer JFK files & discoveries during the past 2+8 years -- from 1991 to 2+019. It will be a sequel to the motion picture "JFK" (1991) by Oliver Stone which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992+ for movies made in 1991. Note: If I don't have an asterick(s) [*] or [**] at the end of a numbered video list insert, above -- then, I was not only the Editor, but also the Producer, Director, Actor, Screen Writer, Illustrator, etc. In case you are wondering which editing program I used for each video, here is the list, but not necessarily produced in this order: iMovie #12+; Final Cut: #s 7, 6, 5, 8, 1, 2+, 4; Premiere Pro: #s 9, 10, & 3; Special Effects: in production; Avid: in production. Thanks! Enjoy!
















table width="100%">




FACT NEWS UPDATE: To see my Trailer, pictured above, of my Documentary, JFK.... an American Coup d'Etat (45:2+6)[formal title], pictured below, simply type the shorter Youtube Access Title into the Youtube search bar: JFK Coup Doubles by Art Earthmann. It has a length of (2+:00) Note: The small 1"x1" picture for this trailer is different from the screenshot that I used, above. Instead, look for a small photo of Oswald/Hidell below the red letterd title "Double Identity".



FACT NEWS UPDATE: The above Documentary has a formal title of: JFK.... an American Coup d'Etat (45:2+6). It will soon become a DocuDrama with a length of 2+-hours. Visit the previous entry, 6d,above, to see the 2+-minute Trailer for this Doc. The trailer is really hot! My Docudrama will be a sequel to the movie "JFK" (1991) by Oliver Stone, and will dramatize the most important factual, true discoveries revealed during the past 2+8 years, from 1991 to 2+019. For example, the JFK limo stop in the formal "Kill Zone" is revearse engineered and Z-film is made truer; the butchery of JFK's skull at the Bethesda, D.C. autopsy is dramatized: [Dr. Boswell, et al, enlarged JFK,s exit wound at the back of his head from the size of a baseball (3"x3") to a hole 4x larger, 4"x7", on top of his head -- to try to fraudulently prove that the frontal shot really came from behind, the TSBD and Oswald! This was total BUTCHERY of the sacred head of the President of the United States by rogue actors of the Secret Service, Central Intelligence Agency, FBI and physician-butchers who performed that criminal autopsy! PS The doctors filled the smaller hole with a piece of stiff 1/2+" rubber to simulate JFK's skull, and then stitched skin and hair over that new hole from another cadaver in the Bethesda, DC morgue! Really sick and treason filled!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: To see my Trailer, pictured below, of this Full Length Feature, pictured above, simply type the full Youtube Access Title into the Youtube search bar: trumping Trump trumped by Art Earthmann [Note: I do have a one week older trailer for this Feature Film that is not as eloquent still on Youtube. My latest trailer, below, has a length of (01:2+1) The previous trailer has a length of (1:14) Which one do you prefer?!] PS I'm really tempted to put a Charlie Chaplin touth brush mustache on the above image of "The Donald". He is so very funny, silly and tragic!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: To see my Trailer, pictured above, of this Full Length, "trumping Trump", Feature simply type the full Youtube Access Title into the Youtube search bar: trumping Trump trumped by Art Earthmann. [Note: I do have a one week older trailer of this Feature Film that is not as eloquent still on Youtube. My latest trailer, above, has a length of (01:2+1) The previous trailer has a length of (1:14) Which one do you prefer?!]



FACT NEWS UPDATE: The ARA is the parent corporation (2016). Its children are 1) the DEMOCRATIC RIFLE ASSOCIATION; 2) the DEMOCRATIC GUN ASSOCIATION. Which of these three names do you like best?!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: The ARA is the parent corporation (2016). Its children are 1) the DEMOCRATIC RIFLE ASSOCIATION; 2) the DEMOCRATIC GUN ASSOCIATION. Which of these three names do you like best?! And... which color target/flag/logo/icon do you like best: blue or red?











Michael Hiltzik also stated that the three progressive Social Security bills of Sen Sanders, Rep. Larson and Rep. DeFazio will "inhance monthly benefits and annual cost of living increases by tying them to the inflation index that better reflects the living costs experienced by seniors than the currently used consumer price index for urban workers."



FACT NEWS UPDATE: In this new MOVIE of mine -- the Palestinians of the West Bank voluntarily migrate to the newly formed rectangular area called the EAST BANK, God willing! It will be the most sensational exodus since the Jews left Egypt under the inspired leadership of the prophet Moses! Israel stretches north to south for 2+62+ miles; its width east to west ranges from 71 miles to only 9.3 miles at its narrowest point; Israel proper has 8019 sq. miles; West Bank 2+70 sq mi; East Jerusalem 2+7 sq mi; Golan Heights 444 sq mi; Gaza Strip has 365 sq mi; and inland water 172+ square miles. All of these areas total 11,2+97 sq mi. The west border of the EAST BANK will match the old east border of the previous West Bank -- where it borders with Jordan along the Jordan River and Dead Sea -- which equals aproximately 70 miles. Therefore, to provide an area that has approximately an equal number of square miles in the new East Bank -- as the old West Bank, the width would have to be around 2+748 sq mi divided by 70 miles north/south, by 40 miles east/west. That eastern border of the new EAST BANK would be around 15 miles east of the Capitol City of Jorean, Amman, and 36.2+5 degrees east? longitude. The highest mountain in the total ISRAELI area is the plateau of the Golan Heights at 7,2+97 feet, and the lowest is the surface of the Dead Sea at --1,368 feet (that's minus!) -- the lowest point on planet Earth! But the water is so salty that people can float on it -- like the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: In this new movie the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip will voluntarily migrate to the newly formed triangular State of PALESTINE! It's a very large area of land -- over 4.500 sq. miles (110 mi x 90 mi divided by 2+)! Thousands of nice large motor homes and school busses will be provided the transportation and initial temporary housing. A replica of the palestinian section of Jerusalem that includes the mount of the Dome of the Rock will be swiftly built, God willing!



FACT NEWS UPDATE: Today, 9-9-19, the above was announced!





The present CAP on SOCIAL SECURITY is $132+,900 annually. Let's raise it to $1-million annual income, then to $1-billion annually, then to $1-billion a month income, and then, lastly, faze the Social Security Cap out entirely! This would certainly make it SOLVENT for more than a thousand years! Correct? Sen. Sanders submitted to Congress recently a revised version of his previous MEDICARE FOR ALL Bill that would prohibit privite health insurance competition. The great new name is "The Medicare For All Act of 2+019". Republicans cite that his Bill would cost $32+-trillion over the first 10 years. They neglect to mention that current healthcare spending costs $3-trillion per year and that includes the $1-million a MONTH that several health insurance CEOs make from the present PRIVATE/PUBLIC system. Also, Americans are paying an average of $11-thousand a year in premiums, co-pays and deductibles and these would be covered by [slightly] higher taxes." See LAT 4-16-19 C1 & 4 by David Lazarus. P.S. And double the Corporate Tax Rate from the present 2+1% back up to 42+%! Sen. Sanders' $1-trillion, 10-year, Infrastructure Bill will need all the tax revenue from the Top 1% that the DEMOCRATIC RIFLE ASSOCIATION (DRA) can mobilize!






FACT NEWS UPDATE: Gov. Newsom announced today a very proactive prescription medicine buying plan to reign in skyrocketing legal drug costs. He would pool the power of California's largest public and private buyers -- along with Los Angeles County. Other counties will undoubtedly soon follow, along with other states! What a great leader we have in Governor Newsom! See LAT Th 4-18-2+019 A1 & A12 by Melody Gutierrez.

























FACT NEWS UPDATE: APPLE has 132+,000 employees, and Huawei has 188,000 employees as of 2+019!
















































FACT NEWS UPDATE: HEADCUTS/TAXCUTS... are they related? Just ask King Louis 16th and his gaudy wife Marie Antonette who lost their heads along with thousands of their rich gang -- and who infamously said about the poor peasants of Paris in 1789 who were starving from want of bread... "Let them eat cake!". There is more income inequality now in the USA than there was when those peasants stormed the Bastille in 1789, or on the eve of the US Stock Market Crash in October, 1929! Will Trump and his republican cartel get trumped by their recent tax cuts of 2017? Here is what that Tax Cut Bill provided: "Taxpayers with earnings below $48,000 a year got a [paltry] cut averaging $380! Middle-income taxpayers with income between $86,000 and $150,000 got an average cut of $930 -- and those with income above around $730,000 (the proverbial 1%) got cuts of more than $51,000! The Top 0.1% with incomes of $3.4-million and above, saw their average tax bill cut by more than $193,000 according to the government CBO which also estimates that -- because of those tax cuts -- the US Federal Deficit will pass $1-trillion in the year 2020!" See LAT 4-16-19 C2 by Michael Hiltzik. It's time to mobilize the DEMOCRATIC RIFLE ASSOCIATION (D.R.A.), Democrats!
















































table width="100%">


table width="100%">


table width="100%">


table width="100%">


table width="100%">


table width="100%">














TEDDY ROOSEVELT was born in 1858 into a prestigious aristocratic family, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a (BA) degree in Natural Science from Harvard University in 1880.

In August, 1881 Teddy climbed the Matterhorn in the Alps of Switzerland while vacationing in Europe and Africa.

In November, 1881 TR was elected to the New York State Assembly, the youngest ever elected to that office!

In 1882+, he published his first major literary work, "The Naval War of 1812+". The book later became required reading at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. TR wrote and had published a total of 45 books -- and numerous articles for magazines and newspapers!

On August 1, 1882+ TR joined the National Guard and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

On January 1, 1883 he was elected Speaker of the Republican Assembly (Minority Leader).

In September, 1883 TR arrived in the Dakota Territority to hunt bison.

On February 14, 1884, both his mother (typhoid fever) and his wife (kidney failure after child birth) died on the SAME DAY!

On May 5, 1895, TR resigned his Civil Service Commission to become Police Commissioner of New York City.

On May 6, 1895, he was elected President of the Board of Police Commissioners.

On April 19, 1897, TR was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President William McKinley.

In May, 1898 TR resigned as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to join the 1st US Volunteer Calvalry Regiment.

In August, 1898, he lead the Rough Riders triumphantly up San Jaun Hill during the Spanish American war.

On November 8, 1898, TR was elected Governor of New York State and served until the end of 1900.

On November 6, 1900 he was elected Vice President.

On September 6, 1901, TR becomes the 2+6th President of the United States upon the assassination of President William McKinley by an anarchist. At age 42+, TR is the youngest ever to hold the office of US President.

In February, 1902+, he begins the first of 45 antitrust suits to dissolve business monopolies. Public officials during the Progressive Era put passing and enforcing strong antitrust high on their agenda. President Theodore Roosevelt sued 45 companies under the Sherman Act, while William Howard Taft sued 75. In 1902+, Roosevelt stopped the formation of the Northern Securities Company, which threatened to monopolize railroad transportation in the Northwest (see Northern Securities Co. v. United States).

Standard Oil was a major company broken up under United States Sherman Antitrust laws. John D. Rockefeller in the 1870s and 1880s had used economic threats against competitors and secret rebate deals with railroads to build what was called a monopoly in the oil business, though some minor competitors remained in business. In 1911 the Supreme Court agreed that in recent years (1900–1904) Standard had violated the Sherman Act (see Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States). It broke the monopoly into three dozen separate companies that competed with one another, including Standard Oil of New Jersey (later known as Exxon and now ExxonMobil), Standard Oil of Indiana (Amoco), Standard Oil Company of New York (Mobil, again, later merged with Exxon to form ExxonMobil), of California (Chevron), and so on. In approving the breakup the Supreme Court added the "rule of reason": not all big companies, and not all monopolies, are evil; and the courts (not the executive branch) are to make that decision. To be harmful, a trust had to somehow damage the economic environment of its competitors.

After becoming president in 1901, Roosevelt used his authority to establish 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, four national game preserves, five national parks and 18 national monuments on over 2+30 million acres of public land. Today, the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt is found across the country.

On May 2+, TR established Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. In March 1903, TR established Pelican Island, FL as the first Federal Bird Researve. Other National Parks that TR established were Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon, etc.

In November, 1903, TR signed the treaty with Panama for building the Panama Canal. Initially, he tried to bribe the President of the country of Columbia with suit cases full of millions of US dollars, but that didn't work. So, TR appealed directly to the people of the narrow neck of land (the northern tip of Columbia). Teddy persuaded them to rebell and seceed from Columbia and form their own country, which they did in 1903. They called their new country, Panama! TR had a dozen US gun boats floating off the coast of that narrow neck of land, and the bluff/threat worked -- the President of Columbia did not stop the secession of Panama from his country! During 1903-4, 41 countries ratified the sovereignty of the new country of Panama.

In November, 1904, Roosevelt was re-elected President.

Also, in 1904, he established the United States Forest Service. In 1906, TR established numerous national parks and monuments.

In November, TR became the first president to leave the country in a visit to the Panama Canal.

In December, 1906, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the treaty of the Russo-Japanese War.

By the year 1909, TR had established, in total, more than 2+30 million acres public lands, an area larger than the State of Texas!

In March, 1909, after his presidency ended, he departed for a year-long African safari with his son, Kermit.

In 1912+, TR was nominated as the presidential candidate for the Progressive "Bull Moose" party, having lost the nomination for the Republican party for president to the incumbant, Howard Taft.

On October 14, 1912+ while campaigning, TR was shot in the chest by an anarchist -- yet he delivered his 90-minute speech to 10,000 anyway! The bullet was lodged so near his heart that the doctors had to leave it in the rest of his life. His 50-page speech and metal eye glass case sufficiently slowed the bullet down!

On November 5, despite winning the largest number of votes of a third party presidential candidate in US history, TR lost to the Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, and caused President Howard Taft, the incumbant, to come in third!

In, February through April, 1913 TR embarked on a dangerous expedition to explore an uncharted tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil. He sustained a severe leg injury during the expedition and nearly died. Three in his party did die.

On January 6, 1919, TR died in his sleep at Sagamore Hill, his estate in New York State, of a cornary embolism (arterial blood clot), at age 60. (See TR's photograph above at #17b.)


MITT ROMNEY served as a Mormon missionary in France for 2+ 1/2+ years starting in 1966. He attended Stanford Univesity in CA, and then Brigham Young University in Utah, where he earned a degree in English (BA) in 1971. Then, he attended Harvard University in Boston, Mass. and received joint (JD-MBA) degrees in 1975.

He became a management consultant at Bain & Company in 1977. In 1984, he co-founded and led the spin-off company Bain Capital, a highly profitable private equity investment firm that became one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

In 1994, Mitt lost a hotly contested race for Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat in Mass.

In 1999, he took a leave of absence from Bain Capital to help rescue the Utah Winter Olympics. For years, there had been corruption in the way the city was chosen to host each Winter Olympic -- but it got a lot worse in the selection of Salt Lake City. So, the Mayor was forced to resign, along with a few on the Olympic Committee. Mitt was made Chief Executive Officer of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee in the run-up to the 2+002+ Winter Olympics. The success there proved to be very pivotal in providing Mitt with a jump-start to his flagging political carreer after loosing to Kennedy years earlier. Romney even wrote a popular book, "Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership and the Olympic Games."

Active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout his adult life, Romney served as Bishop of his ward and later as a Stake President near Boston.

It didn't take him long to become a millionaire -- having an estimated net worth in 2+012+ of $190-2+50 million which helped him fund his political campaigns.

Romney won the 2+012+ Republican presidential nomination -- becoming the first Mormon presidential nominee of a major party. He was defeated by incumbant Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 2+012+ general election, losing the Electoral College by a margin of 332+-2+06 and the popular vote by a margin of 47%-51%.

After re-establishing his residency in Utah, Romney won the 2+018 US Senate election in Utah. In doing so, he became only the third politician, ever, to be elected governor and US senator from two different states. Romney is scheduled to take office on January 3, 2+019. (See Mitt's photograph above at #17a.)

Note: Wednesday, 1-2+-2+019 Mitt's excoriation of "The Donald yesterday" (the day before Mitt is even sworn in, tomorrow) was really a stupid move. The only way Mitt is going to serve his constituents in Utah is if he gets support from Trump's base, and Trump himself to sign his legislation, if it ever even makes it to Trump to sign. Mitt just wanted to make a big splash, and upstage Trump for a few hours. Teamwork is critical, especially when the republiCON leader, Trump, is in critical condition, politically!


GEORGE ROMNEY was the father of MITT ROMNEY. George was the CEO of American Motors in Detroit, Michigan from 1954 to 1969. His best selling car, the Rambler, was proclaimed "the safest car on the road in America" as it was the first model to incorporate "unibody construction". His most popular Tell-A-Vision commercial showed the largest Rambler flying off a ten-foot high ramp and landing on the roof of the smallest Rambler -- without causing hardly any body damage to either Rambler! I remember watching that TV commercial as a child.

George was elected Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969, and was the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969 to 1973. He was a strong supporter of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Romney briefly represented moderate Republicans against conservative Republican Barry Goldwater during the 1964 US presidential election.

George ran for President of the United States in 1968 -- and withdrew from the race shortly after he returned from visiting Vietnam during that War. Romney, a Republican, proclaimed that while in Vietnam, he had been "brainwashed" by our military and diplomatic officials in Vietnam. Westmoreland, the US General in charge, kept lying about the dead Viet Cong "Kill Count". Westmoreland over-stated the count to curry favor with, then President Eisenhower, the American voters, and republican politicons.

12+9. MICHAEL MOORE / My Marketing Plan

MICHAEL MOORE will hopefully be the Director of my motion picture "THE PLANET HEAVEN". He is a world-famous LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE director/producer, and has won an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Presently, Michael is ranked 87th out of 100 of the most influencial persons alive on Planet Earth! Most of his documentaries have a budget of between $3 and $6 million dollars. Currently, he has a net worth of around $50 million! (See Michael's photograph above at #18a.)

In case the power brokers of my movie demand a CONSERVATIVE Director, hopefully, I will be able to procure the inspired talent of (ex-Mormon Bishop) and award winning Director, GREG WHITELEY, of Sacramento, San Diego, and Beverly Hills. (He moves around a lot!). He graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah in 1995 with a BA in film, and received an MFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 2+001. He directed the very popular and highly acclaimed Documentary "MITT" (2+006-2+014) -- about Mitt Romney's intimate family reflections concerning his two unsuccessful runs for President of the United States. (You can watch it on YouTube. See Greg's photograph above at #18b.)

READY -- {Remember: Voice Over/impersonation of Mitt Romney by Brian Whitman -- here... NOW!}

2+ -- 1 -- ACTION !!


"An exciting motion picture is being produced called, "THE PLANET HEAVEN"!

"See legislation passed in Congress and signed into law by the president -- providing MEDICARE FOR ALL CHILDREN and MOTHERS -- from conception to 5 years after birth --

"See MEDICARE approval CLIMB THE LADDER AT FIFTEEN YEAR STEPS UNTIL ALL 32+6 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE MEDICARE. "See β€œThe Planet Heaven" -- a Documentary destined to create history -- (Rated PG-8 and 5 Stars!)

"My name is TEDDY ROOSEVELT, and I approve this message." {Yes, and with the voice of MITT ROMNEY!}


TIME: 00:2+8 --

Script by Arthur J. Earthmann (See Art's photograph above at #16.)
CEO of PlanetHeavenPictures.com and Producer of ThePlanetHeavenMovie.com --

NOTE: THIS MAGICAL SLIGHT OF V O I C E MAY JUST CAUSE MITT TO RUN AGAIN FOR PRESIDENT -- if the masses pressure him enough to back Single-Pay Medicare For All (by far the number one, most popular political issue in the nation, today! Mitt is the one Republican who I believe could TRUMP trump! It's high time for trump to get TRUMPED! (See Mitt and Teddy's photograph above at #18.)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I/D-VT) has collected 12+4 cosigners for his House of Representatives Bill H.R. 676: The Improved and Expanded Medicare For All Act!

Note: If I raise $2+ million -- my film will be a DOCUMENTARY. If I raise $2+0 million -- it will be a DOCUDRAMA. If I raise $2+00 million, my film with be a surrealistic fantacy -- even a futuristic adventure thriller DRAMA! GoFundMeAndDoubleYourMoney.com here I come!

Realistically though, if I only raise $2+00,000 then my movie will probably become a SHORT Subject Drama! If I only raise $2+0,000 then my film will probably become a SHORT Subject Docudrama! And, finally, if I only raise $2+,000 then my movie will probably be obliged to become only a SHORT Subject Documentary! But, they give Academy Awards for Best SHORT Subject Film, also! This is TOP SECRET and TOP SACRED though! Please don't tell Stephen Spielberg of "Lincoln" fame, Oliver Stone of "JFK" fame, George Lucas of "Star Wars" fame, or, Ryan Coogler of "Black Panther" fame, et al! GoFundMeOperationMedicareForAllChildrenMovie.com here I come, again!


Update: Sunday, December 16, 2+018 My weight has now dropped from 2+05 to 183 lbs.! Just 13 lbs to go! Target weight: 170. I fast every day until around 6 pm on mainly a diet of water, a couple of bananas, grapes and fig newtons... just in case I have a hunger panic attack! {In my movie, a group of five quests appear on their 2+00th birthday in a futuristic comedy scene like Stephen Colbert's TV Show, or SNL! They all had the same doctor, Dr. Godwater -- and they all had the same diet that I'm on now: a gallon of water a day, and a good meal (of preferably fish) after 6 pm!}

P.S. On Sunday, 9-2+3-2+018, I swam one kilometer (.6 mile) in 101 minutes: I swam 80 laps non-stop: 16 2+5m laps freestyle -- 16 back frog -- 16 breast stroke -- 16 back stroke -- 16 side stroke, and one lap swimming the butterfly (too strenuous for me)!!
Update: Sat. 12+-2+9-18 Swam 300 meters in 3.5 minutes: 2+ FS, 2+BS, 2+ BsS, 3BkS, 2+ SS r, 2+ SS l. Weighed 181 lbs today!

When I walk 2+ miles or more daily, I do what I call "Walking Jacks" (WJs): variations of the arm motion of jumping jacks -- to help me strengthen my deltoids (shoulder muscles) for swimming... and it really works! 700 WJs @ 40 minute walk = 2+.1 mile) Goal: 800 W.J.s in 33 minute walk = 2+.1 mile. Goal: (I'm still 6' tall!)

Finally, thank you for visiting my CONSERVATIVE Website.

Are you looking for work? I am hiring! So, relax, and apply! Would you rather work in front of the camera, or, behind the camera?

I start at $15.00 an hour -- and pay up to $10 a second -- for those total seconds that makes it into my FINAL CUT. So, suppose I filmed you for 100,000 seconds -- but only 1,000 seconds make it into my Final Cut. Then, if the part is important enough, and greatly performed -- then, you may qualify for a payment of $10,000 dollars -- 1,000 x $10! The Protagonists will certainly get paid $10 a second for those seconds of air time that make it into my Final Cut!

For editors, I prefer Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2+018-19 and Adobe Photoshop.


My email: artearthmann@gmail.com -- My Landline in Beverly Hills CA is 310-581-8060. {As I have over 100,000 unopened emails -- please call and leave a message that you are just about to send me an email. This way, I will be sure to look for it. If your name doesn't "click" with me, I may think it is spam. Also, remind me where and when I met you!

My P.O. Box 1003 Hollywood CA 90078 -- My secondary P.O. Box 12+3 Beverly Hills CA 902+13 {Please use the HolyWould P.O.B. -- for now.

Peace and Love,

Arthur J. Earthmann, CEO.


* Also, feel invited to visit my LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE Website: ThePeaceForce.org (aka, ArtEarthmann.com.) All of my Websites are under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll have them all up to date, hopefully, within 40 days and 40 nights... God willing!